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 Over 25 plus years experience as a General Contractor,

and a lifetime of working in the construction field, Dennis Miranda has been building his way through New Mexico. Dennis specialized in the countertop business for many years and still considers countertops his primary line of work. He also has served as general contractor for many large scale projects. He is happy to work with both small and large jobs and has  long list of completed jobs and happy customers. 

Dennis Miranda

Dennis Miranda, Principal

Blue Springs Construction LLC

Dennis Miranda is a lifelong New Mexican, born and raised in Blue Springs, New Mexico, a beautiful area just South of Belen and West of Mountainair.


After high school, Dennis was trained as an auto mechanic, and worked at the USPS fleet for several years to support his young and growing family. Then he switched to countertop production, working under the guidance of a custom builder. He found he was very adept at this skill and worked hard. Never satisfied with standing still, Dennis had the entrepreneurial bug, and believed he could achieve a better service by starting his own business. In 19XX, Dennis Miranda decided to attain his General Contractor's license so that he could expand into other areas of construction.


Since then, he has created several successful companies, in the fields of countertop construction and installation, Lathe and Plaster, and General Construction. 

Today, after discovering, dealing with, and surviving a three-year battle with cancer, Dennis has returned to a fresh start. With the birth of Blue Springs Construction LLC, this business is streamlined to reflect the many skills and years of experience that now serve Dennis in his goals to "build" a fulfilling future and help others with their dream homes and lives.

New Mexico Curiosities

Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities and other Roadside Oddities.

Author: Sam Lowe

Now, "What about that Elephant?"

Blue Springs, although small, is very well-known to those in the Torrance, Socorro and Valencia counties. Why? The large elephant statue has marked the roadside of US Highway 60 for over 60 years. It was built based on a friendly wager by Dennis's grandfather, Max Miranda and his compadre, Antonio Sisneros from Abo Viejo, NM. The wager details are fuzzy, but, was loosely based on whichever party won the Presidential Election in the early fifties. Dwight D. Eisenhower won and the debt was paid by building this exotic creature, the elephant. 

"So, all my life, that elephant has stood in front of my Grandpa's (Max Miranda) business, and even though there was nothing else around, everyone knew who passed this route knew 'that elephant' marked the notorious Blue Springs Bar as an oasis, a landmark or even an oddity. But, it remains a part of our history and I think our funky little elephant deserves to be remembered." 

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